School Council Policy states that all students should be in school uniform every day. Our Primary School years and Secondary School years uniforms are very attractive. In secondary school years there are two models. Casual and Full uniform.

P-6 Uniform comprises a Purple Polo with Black and White panel, Purple Polo, Purple Fleece Rugby Top ,Black track pants, Shorts / Skorts are worn below the waist. A school Dress or Pinafore are options. Students can wear the college jacket and all footwear should be black.

In Secondary School years the full uniform should be worn most days as a regular occurrence and particularly at formal events or occasions. The Full uniform has grey or white shirts which can be worn under a blazer or pullover. Below the waist, black pants, short knee length or long leg, can be worn. Students can also opt for the college skirt or college dress. Black leather/ leather look school shoes are worn with full school uniform, and white or black socks complete the options.

The Casual or Sport Uniform

Our sports uniform is very popular with students and school council has agreed that student voice should be supported allowing the sports uniform to be worn by students even if not a sports day. The casual uniform in secondary years is Black with White / Purple Vertical panel. A casual Jacket complements the look and can also be worn over the formal uniform.

Only Black Track pants (no flashes, brands or coloured panels) or Sports shorts can be worn with the black top. Only predominantly black footwear can be worn.

Hoodies, Caps, Cargo pants, coloured footwear and any colour of outer jacket are considered a breach of Uniform Policy