Years 7 to 9

Years 7 to 9 stage of schooling at Northern Bay optimises the five campus structure of the college. The secondary curriculum is delivery on the P-8 campuses in the 7-8 Community pods. A seamless transition occurs in a local, familiar and caring context of the P-8 continuum. Strengthening the transition to senior school is an outstanding breadth of subjects and exemplary programs centered on cross campus experiences. These include, technologies, SEED and IMPACT. By commencement of Year 9 our students are not only familiar with the senior campus staff and students, they have had rich experiences across the whole college year level cohort.

Year 7 to 8

Year 7 and 8 students at Northern Bay College have a seamless transition to the Secondary school curriculum and advantaged by familiarity with our staff and environment. We support students to see secondary years as an excellent opportunity to refocus on their educational pathways and have targetted strategies to enhance their self esteem through cooperative programs across all campuses. As student enter adolescence, their wellbeing and resilience is important and new challenges in learning can see outstanding attitudinal success.

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Year 9

The Year 9 program is a lead into senior secondary education. Year 9 students at Northern Bay College experience a range of core subjects and choose elective areas that are of individual interest and may assist in building pathways. Students at Year 9 have additional opportunities at the college which see them undertaking respectful relationships, careers planning and exploring pathways.

Year 9